Leeuwen Lionheads



Located in Niagara region, Ontario Canada

ARBA D1064 


Hobby breeders dedicated on breeding for the ARBA lionhead standard of perfection. 

Focusing  on  show quality self colors Torts, Rews, Black  and Sable points

Occasionally have  blue,  smoke pearl points 

 registered with the ARBA  and members of the NALRC, DRBCA and Ontario Council of Rabbit Clubs. 


Please feel free to browse our site and click on contact us if you have any comments or questions.

-Oct 2014- 

LEEUWEN LIONHEADS is currently in a hiatus. We do not plan on breeding or showing this year and most of our rabbits have gone to other breeders as we focus on other important things happening in our lives.

We do have some very nice Jrs available I was saving for upcoming shows but will now release for sale.

please PM for details.